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Midnight _ addendum

In one of my repiesy to comments on my review of  Midlight, I asked the question can  you think of a black character that hasn't been demeaned/killed or something else really bad happen them in a RTD script. 

after some more thought, I've decided to broaden the question and ask everyone. Can you think of a RTD character who hasn't been killed or demaned by other characters or something similar bad happen to them? Now just to clarify, I'm not including simply being scared as a "bad thing" as all DW characters should be scared. I'm talking major badness - even if it's only implied. For example DeeDee in midlight gets pretty well shouted at and put down by her superior. If I was DeeDee in that situation, I would give serious thought to leaving the Professor due to that aduse. Ditto the Professor. If I was him and had acted that way, would I really want the constant reminder of my shameful behaviour hanging around. End result - DeeDee is likely to lose her job.

So any ideas out there?
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