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Aversion to polarity reversion

Russell T Davies said in Doctor Who Confidential he'd made the decision 'sci-fi speak/technobabble' was to be absent in the revival of Dr Who. But, Stargate SG-1, a hugely successful franchise in ratings and dollars shown everywhere from Channel 4 to TV channels on the other side of the globe, regularly used 'science-speak'.

It seemed to fit? The viewer didn't need to understand the concepts behind the science. It wasn't overdone; it made for good entertainment. The show worked for young and mainstream viewers and sci-fi fans alike. It even allowed for making-of shows, geared toward children, exploring the 'science behind it'.

A couple of series in, I wonder if the Dr. Who writing and producing team still think it would not work well in the current show and alienate potential viewers that were not sci-fi fans?
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